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Darkness Falls by M.D. Wiselka Has Won Our October 2015 Book Cover Contest!


 Darkness Falls by M.D. Wiselka

Has Won Our October 2015 Book Cover Contest!

Darkness Falls: The Dark Brethren Series Book 2
by M.D. Wiselka

One hundred and fifty years have passed since his crossing, but the bearer, a man once known as Owen Adler, has yet to find a way of restoring himself to the life he lost and the man he loved. When his great lord and master, Seker, offers him his freedom in exchange for his aid in punishing a disobedient servant, Owen, believing he has nothing to lose and everything to gain, seizes the opportunity.

An Elder bearer called Melek, exiled a century before for an act of treachery, will soon return to his exalted place in Master Seker’s court. Before he does, Master Seker wishes Melek to be humbled before his brethren lords for his sin. To this end, Owen, assuming Melek’s guise, appears before the lords of the Hour a humble penitent. In the ninety days remaining him before his return to court, Owen, in Melek’s guise, vows to prove himself worthy of his office or return voluntarily to exile for another century.

To secure his freedom, Owen must survive the ninety days in Melek’s guise without being exposed a fraud. No easy task, now he can count, among his many enemies, the offended Lord Melek, a ruthless and vindictive monster who’ll stop at nothing to punish Owen and the ones he loves.

But the greatest danger of all may be Owen himself. To outwit the devilish fiend that would take his life, he must become a devil himself. Even if he succeeds in at last wresting his freedom from his cunning master, will Owen ever again be the man he was when last he held his beloved Jacek in his arms?

Publisher’s Note: Darkness Falls is a male-male love story and contains homoerotic sex acts that may be offensive to some readers.

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Writing under the nom de plume M.D. Wiselka, Melinda Wiselka is the oldest of four daughters and one of the numerous descendants of a Polish family who immigrated from Wisła, Poland in 1913 to farm in Big Horn, Wyoming.

Melinda has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia over the last decade, visiting, among other places, Warsaw, Poland, the setting of her debut novel, a gay historical romance titled Beautiful to Behold, the first book in the Dark Brethren Series, released in November 2013.

Her second book, a gay paranormal romance titled Darkness Falls, the second book in the Dark Brethren Series, will be released in 2014.

Author’s Published Books:
Beautiful to Behold (The Dark Brethren Series Book 1)
Darkness Falls (The Dark Brethren Series Book 2)
Something True

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The Mystery of Yamashita's Map by James McKenzie Has Won Our October 2015 Book Video Trailer Contest!


The Mystery of Yamashita's Map by James McKenzie

Has Won Our October 2015 Book Video Trailer Contest!

The Mystery of Yamashita's Map
by James McKenzie

Prepare to be astounded - A tale of government conspiracies, secret bases where horrific experiments are taking place, all based on actual reports. Now featured in TV's 'Myth Hunters' Series 3. - In 1945 a Japanese officer, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, buried valuable spoils of war in a network of tunnels throughout the Philippine Islands. Maps were drawn of the locations, and plans were made to return to the sites after the war to collect the treasures. However, after his arrest by the American forces and subsequent execution in 1946, all trace of the maps had vanished.

The Mystery of Yamashita's Map takes this wartime legend and moulds it into a fast-paced Sci-fi thriller, combining, myth and mystery into a heady combination that is hard to put down. Joe Hutchins, an American adventurer is enlisted by Professor Okada to help him decipher a map that has come into his possession. Since acquiring the map the professor is haunted by strange dreams and visions that both terrify and excite him. Only Joe can lead him to the tunnels, and to what is concealed inside. Follow Joe and his companions as they engage in a dangerous race to find Yamashita's gold - pursued by the ruthless and cruel gangland boss Tanaka. However, other mysterious forces are at work. Tanaka it seems, is not the only one who desires to thwart them in their quest. The team uncover an unbelievable conspiracy and a threat to the survival of the entire human race. An explosive novel that is hard to put down.

Amazon Customer Reviews
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About The Author:

James McKenzie from Altens in Aberdeen is the author of The Mystery of Yamashita's Map which he originally wrote as a screen play. Several years later he rewrote the story as a novel. This was published in hardcover by Book Guild Ltd in April 2007 and was a hot seller at the London Book Fair. It was commonly nicknamed the Indiana Jones in Print. Such was the popularity of the book that the publisher re-printed it again in 2009 as a paperback. At one time it was No.1 in Amazons new release ranking, and enjoyed immense success in Japan.

About me: “I was sitting in a nice bar in The Philippines when a guy came in and asked if I wanted to be in a local movie starring Eddie Garcia..first, I had to make a punch that he threw look realistic,.. and so started my movie career.

Since then I worked with many stars including, Chuck Norris, Edward Fox, Linda Blair Chris Penn, Richard Hatch, Lou Ferrigno, Doald Pleasance, Denholm Elliot, Miles O' Keefe,Shannon Tweed, Sam Jones and many many others.

During filming of a movie starring George Takai (Star Trek, Heroes) titled "The Return To The River Kwai" I was approached by some locals and asked if I could get George to translate some Japanese writing on a map.

Of course I was to shy to ask him, but I found out that the map was supposed to show the location of treasure that was buried by General Yamashita at the end of WW2.

Years later my film work took me to Hong Kong where I did a bit of scriptwriting and worked in a number of local movies. I also worked with Jacky Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme. Funnily both films were about twin brothers.

It was here that I decided to write a story about Yamashita's treasure.

During World War 2, General Yamashita (Tiger of Malaya), is said to have hidden the wealth, the Japanese Imperial Army had taken from the Asian nations, in booby trapped tunnels in the Philippines. Some of the treasure, including gold ingots are said to have been found. Even today treasure hunters are still searching for gold.

George Takei (Star Trek, Heroes) has featured "The Mystery of Yamashita's Map" on his Japanese fan website.”

Author James McKenzie’s Website and Related Links


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