World's Best Friend Ever Contest

World's Best Friend Ever Contest

Several of you have asked me to bring back a contest, so here it is.

Invite your author friends to our FREE Café and tell me who you invite. I will post a special report on the Café to show which Café authors are involved in this contest and who you invite.

The author who has the most author friends join will receive:

  • Special recognition here on the Café.
  • Special recognition on five of my promotional websites (within the blog).
  • Special recognition on my Facebook page.

The special recognition will list:

  • You as the ‘World's Best Friend Ever’ Contest Winner.
  • One book cover with description (your choice).
  • One favorite review that you have received from a reader (your choice).
  • Purchase Link and your Amazon Author’s Page Link (if you have one).

I hope you will take advantage of this contest. The Café is the best place to blog about your books. 

Give the gift of an invite to your author friends. Here is a sample invite to save you time: I invite you to join me and share your book(s) with readers on a special online Cafe for just authors and avid readers.

Theodocia McLean: Owner of the Café


Cold Coffee Café World’s Best Friend Contest Winner Is Brian L Beshore

We Appreciate Author Brian L. Beshore (Dizzy OBrian)
Inviting His Author Friends To The Café.


Dizzy O'Brian is a musician and author whose works tend to draw from his rich experiences and searching for truth in the spiritual world. For example, he was, at one time, music director for a congregation of The Spiritualist Church of the Revelation, the oldest church in the American States. This church abounded with readers and the spiritually gifted and Dizzy was, at one time told he would create music by simply turning on a recording machine and playing. He did so and collected material that was finally developed into the Tea With the Alien CD.

He also began writing novels, music instruction books and Kafka-esk short stories.

While in music school, he and his colleagues began to listen to every different genre of music with the idea that musical genres were more similar than different. This led to Dizzy's Pop Classical Fusion music that is found on his Charm City and 4 Good Measure CDs.



The Book of Music Basics:
A Gradient Approach to the Basics of Music Theory
by Dizzy O'Brian

A valuable supplement to music lessons on any instrument. In learning a musical instrument, you have all the technical details of the instrument to deal with and it can be easy to bypass certain music basics. Yet, if any of these basics are out, your progress and advancement on the instrument can be compromised or even stopped. Theory can facilitate ease of playing if used and applied correctly. Too often, however, students can get tripped up by not learning theory concepts in the correct order and get in over their head.

This book helps students to avoid the confusion by presenting the subject in the proper order for it to be easily understood and applied. It has many musical examples and exercises to assist in mastery of all the music nasics one needs to have success in learning any instrument.



V-World: The Virtual Invasion by Dizzy O'Brian

Imagine an alien race invading Earth, only they invade a reality game by mistake. Would they be pissed off? Would they sort out their mistake. Would you want to play this game?



The Man Who Fell Together by Dizzy O'Brian

Ishmael wakes up in a different life, as a different person each day. His doctors want to rehabilitate him but the cure is not what they expect.



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