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The author, Allen Epling, is a former public school teacher of physics and a school supervisor and administrator for 21 years.

His hobbies are amateur radio and astronomy. Mr. Epling has written several graduate research papers, numerous newspaper articles, and 3 published physics papers. His passion is reading the latest science journals and keeping up to date in the latest developments in Quantum Mechanics and particle physics.

His formal education consists of an MA degree in mathematics and secondary education Instructional Supervision + 32 hours of post-graduate work. He holds Rank I certification in Secondary Education. His interest in history and the bible go back to his undergraduate days when his formal science education began to conflict with his religious beliefs.


Beyond Genesis: Man's True Origin Revealed
by Allen Epling

Creation Vs Evolution: NO PROBLEM!!!

Written from the perspective of someone whose lifelong passion and academic studies have centered around science, but with a deep religious faith, this book reveals the secrets to most of the mysteries in the book of Genesis, but with the premise that the Bible and science are not incompatible. The differences are due to errors in interpreting its passages, which were meant for an informed generation - OURS

The debate of Creationism Vs Evolution is settled in this informative narrative that decrypts many of the passages of Genesis that have for centuries remained a mystery. The answer is not what the reader expects, however, that both theories and narratives are true.

The answer lies in "definititions" that have been misinterpreted and misused. The term man has been applied to all bipedal hominids that are intelligent and use tools. The same term in the Bible was only meant to apply to someone who was a descendant of Adam, who was not like any ordinary human. In fact Adam was not even like us.

The secret to understanding this paradox is realizing that there was a form of "man" on the earth before Adam, and Adam was created to "enhance" the properties of man by mixing superior genes and DNA with the inferior "Homo sapiens".

This transformation took place in a time when the human race experienced a "technology explosion" not unlike the one we experience today. Historians are unable to explain why and how it took place in the short timespan of 500 years, from 2800 BCE to 2300 BCE. The Bible describes it and the author of this book explains how and why it happened.

Genre: History, World, Civilization & Culture, Religion & Spirituality

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