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The Thousand Years War - A LitFPS/GameLit Sci-Fi Novel:
Life's a Beach Expansion Pack/Story by Angel Ramon


The official Expansion Pack/Story of The Thousand Years War: Book One. Now with 11 Levels including 3 secret levels that go around the All-Star Island of Puerto Rico. Angel and Maria along with new mates Ben and Steven think they are going on an epic vacation to Puerto Rico until the gloobas strike using the virtual world to summon their forces. They plan to plummet the world into another ice age as they plan to freeze Puerto Rico and use the frozen island to change the climate on earth forever as they try to take over the world once again. Just like the first book of the series, the heroes only have 10 days to reverse the effects of the gloobas climate change by finding and using the anti-matter ball to insert into the anti-matter machine. Can these four misfits get over their differences and beat the expansion pack of this cool but dangerous video game known as The Thousand Years War? Get your pineapples, coconuts, and margarita's ready for this island romp. With beach themed weapons such as the ice crusher and coconut launcher, you might not think of Puerto Rico as an island of peace anymore after this read. Also, you will have other weapons ranging from your kickass shotgun to ancient weapons such as the expander ring. Not to mention that in this video game world, aliens and items might just dimensionalize into the world out of nowhere and whatever happens in this game will happen in the real world. A story with action, love, comedy, and a whole lot of alien gore! Fans of Duke Nukem 3D will enjoy this read and those who have played the expansion - Life's a Beach especially. That's because Life's a Beach(Bitch) and then you die!



Janus: The Devil's Election (The Janus Series Book 1) by Angel Ramon

It's September 11, 2016, only 2 months away from the most controversial election in the history of the United States. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are both running for office, but they both could not be any more hated by the American public.

Meanwhile, an organization called the Terrorist Killers are investigating a substance known as the stem-cell substance. It supposedly extends the lifespan of a human being and be the next great breakthrough in genetic engineering. However, as with any high-profile drug, it's being distributed illegally. What starts off as an ordinary illegal drug bust escalates rather quickly into a conspiracy plot that will have serious implications on the general election of 2016.

As the story deepens it turns out that an arch-nemesis of the Terrorist Killers is behind all this, known as Janus. He's using the funding of Trump and Clinton to fund the drug's distribution and his criminal activities. In exchange, he promises to rig the election, by hacking into the voting machines and changing the votes to the president that pays him the most. What no one knows is who this Janus character really is, a two-faced conniving snake who's been wanted by the FBI for the longest. Does Janus intend to keep his promise or is he a traitor to the American people along with the stem-cell substance.

It will be up to Mariano Hernandez the star agent to find out the true identity of Janus, something no one knows not even the FBI. Do the stem-cell's really help extend the lifespan of a human or is it hiding a more sinister effect.

Who will win the election, the ultra-conservative Donald Trump, the ultra-liberal Hilary Clinton or will Janus plunge the United States into his own idea of socialism. What are the true intentions of Trump, Clinton, and Janus?

You'll have to find out in a story where no one can be trusted and everybody is a suspect. The fate of the United States is at stake and one substance can destroy mankind. Everybody will be backstabbing each other just to get ahead, is there anyone Mariano can trust or will he need eyes behind his back as well. Find out in, Janus- The Devil's Election



Framed: A LitFPS Sci-Fi Novel: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series by Angel Ramon

The LitFPS/Sci-Fi adventure continues here videogame freaks! This time the stakes are raised and things become personal.

After entering a virtual replica of Earth, where anything that happened in the virtual world happened on Earth, Angel gets a chance to live a normal life again. Many months after the events of the first book, Angel and Maria are now married and enjoying their lives together. Angel sells off his computer repair business in exchange for an NYPD uniform and a chance to be a lieutenant in the force. As Angel makes discoveries exposing the true nature of a construction site in his first case as lieutenant of the NYPD, he is framed for the murder of respected police commissioner Frank Kelly, Angel goes from being a hero to being a felon on the run. Angel is sent to prison just like in the first book. Perhaps Angel may know a little too much for his own good. Angel must break out of prison and find a way into the virtual world to reverse time before his good name is ruined and his family's name is ruined. What do plutonium, dirty politics, and a virtual world have in common? You'll just have to find out, in the story of the century! Where no stone will be left unturned!



Angel's Nightmare Adventure: A Horror LitRPG Adventure by Angel Ramon

Resident Evil fans get ready for a book that will scare you just as much as the actual video game series! Survival horror fans will enjoy this series. LitRPG readers looking for something fresh and scary, this will put you in the middle of the action quite literally!

Angel's Nightmare Adventures is a short story divided into two very different perspectives. Just imagine if New York City is invaded by zombies and two regular joes must survive the survival horror. One of the people is Angel, a seventeen-year-old H.S. student getting ready for an oral operation. Follow Angel in the first short story as he tries to survive and escape from a hospital where he is supposed to be undergoing oral surgery. Angel will find out that the hospital contains more secrets than meets the eye! The second story is Luis a career criminal turned good and he decides to enter the police force.

Follow Luis in the second story, on his first day of duty as a police officer of the NYPD, only to end up in a mansion trying to survive and find any survivors. He is with his partners in crime, but can Luis trust his own friends or is someone hiding a dirty secret? Will Angel and Luis ever cross paths?

A company called the Hybrid Corporation is responsible for making chemicals used in hospitals however, they’ve had a checkered past and haven't necessarily been the most truthful of people. Is this zombie invasion a natural occurrence or is there a secret NWO plot hidden within the mayhem and is the Hybrid Corporation involved? What will Angel and Luis have to endure and uncover as they experience the invasion of zombies in New York City? Only one way to find out! Are you ready to get scared, if so read on! Prepare for an adventure with many twists and turns as both Angel and Luis face some of their biggest fears. Also, anything that can go wrong will go wrong! Trust us zombies are only the beginning. Prepare for a survival horror adventure where anything is possible and regular animals such as frogs and spiders become your worst nightmare. One piece of advice, don’t read this book in the dark, you may suffer from nightmares! Enjoy the ride!



Revenge of the Gloobas: A LitFPS Sci-Fi Novel: The Third Book
of the Thousand Years War by Angel Ramon

The LitFPS/Videogame Adventure continues into space combat and diehard alien combat! Are you ready?

The third adventure of The Thousand Years War Series is here and the four heroes will enter their third video game like adventure! Just more fun for the Duke Nukem fans out there! It is August 2016, one year after the events of Framed. Angel has managed to clear his name of killing a well-known NYPD commissioner. He is promoted to a captain of the NYPD and gets a disturbance call in the Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn, N.Y. of what seems to be a hostage situation taking place. Maria decides to tag along with her husband, Angel to help him out. Angel calls on his friends Luis and Dayvon to help out as well and they are only too happy to help out their fellow friend.

When the four arrive at the mall they find that there is indeed a hostage situation, but the hostage takers aren't human. They are glooba aliens that have somehow found a way to enter Earth via the virtual world using blackholes. What turns into a normal hostage situation become a bloody day, in fact, it's the bloodiest day in New York City history.

Eventually, the four find out the gloobas are out for revenge, but like always in the most unusual of ways. The gloobas vow to get revenge by using the gravitational pull of Earth and attempt to align the planets perfectly to charge their death ray which will wipe Earth off the map!!!

However, it will not be so simple for the four to stop, the gloobas will increase Earth's gravity 1000 times then what it is now. It will be so powerful that the planets will not be located in their proper locations. In other words, it might be possible to find Neptune closer to Earth while Mars is deep in outer space. All this and the main glooba base is all the way in outer space. However, that will not be the only side-effect of the gloobas latest scheme. Planets that were once deemed undiscovered and uncharted will appear much closer to Earth than our heroes once thought. Some of these uncharted planets may be home to a new species unheard of. Monkeys and iguanas are only the beginning!

Angel and his friends have to get to the glooba's home planet, Goo before the 10 days are up in order to stop the planets from aligning themselves. While they're at it, they must take down the gravity towers located in the different parts of space to slow down the alignment of the planets. To add, not every single new species will necessary be on their side.

Can Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis stop the latest revenge plot by the glooba's or will the aliens have their revenge? Find out in the latest epic adventure that will push the boundaries of the universe even further, where anything can happen and anybody can easily come in to tip the scales of power to the heroes or the aliens.



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Message From The Author: Hello, my name is Angel Ramon and I am in my mid-twenties and have a long writing career ahead of me the books I have written are only a few of the many I plan to write. One cool fact that you must know about me is that I'm a talented medium and can see things that normal humans aren't able to see! I own a business in Salinas Puerto Rico where I fix computers, help people with their resumes and I even do websites. I even give advice to other writers, I'm working with a fellow aspiring author with his ideas and editing his work. Also, I'm helping a fellow author get his first self-published work out into the world! The Thousand Years War Series is my first series written. However, I do have other series such as the Janus series which is my political thriller series, the Angel's Nightmare Adventure series which is my survivor horror series and my new series coming up which is Knights of Honor, my historical fiction series. I have a certificate or participation from VSA arts for a short story I wrote for them back in High School. I have always been an avid writer since junior high School.

I enjoy science fiction to the point that I'm hooked on it. Right now, I'm in a complicated relationship so I'm kinda open for relationships. but I rather spend my time on my writing career. Me and my current girlfriend are still trying to work things out so I'll get back to you my fans when I'm open again. However, I've found myself wanting to write in other genres and I think that is cool! In fact, coming up soon I'll be working on a major project where I will be writing a historical fiction book that will rewrite all of history to be even cooler!

I decided to move to my home country of my father in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. On the side or my day job is running a home business where I fix computers, do business cards and posters, help people with resumes and doing websites. I love writing and by the way, I have my own Facebook pages promoting my works. Hobbies include computer repair, going to the beach, going on risky trips and I'm a huge New York Yankees baseball fan. I'm also a big New York Giants football fan. When I'm not writing I'm out by the beach, home improvement on my house I just bought a couple of years ago and really just going out in the wild finding new places to explore. I like to go out when I get the chance, especially to a baseball game.

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