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Barefoot Days (Women of Whitfield Book 3) by Darlene Deluca

Mary Logan believes in the goodness of people. She believes in grace under pressure. But when the ugliness of human nature touches her family, and a series of seismic events shake up her world, she’s put to the test again and again.

She and her husband are supposed to be enjoying a well-earned retirement. Their nest is empty. It’s time to travel and re-focus. It’s their time. But an alarming diagnosis and an unexpected announcement from their daughter change everything. Facing the possibility of a heartbreaking loss, Mary finds herself forcing smiles, keeping secrets, and worrying about the future.

Will a positive spirit be enough to see her through the challenges ahead?

Genre: Women's Fiction, Friendship, Family Life, Domestic Life



Her Greatest Risk by Darlene Deluca

Clashing over the fate of a historic building, Jennifer Aukland and Michael Reynolds are on course to become adversaries. She’s an architect devoted to green building and restoration. He’s a developer hell-bent on ripping down the old hotel she’s racing to save to make way for a new casino.

Chemistry leads to compromise, and for a time, they’re on the same team. Jennifer adds Michael – and marriage – to her safe and steady plan for the future. But when Michael throws caution aside and lands in a life-threatening situation, Jennifer’s world comes crashing down. In her family, she’s learned that recklessness leads to tragedy. She must decide if she can commit her life to someone who takes unnecessary risks with his. Will she take control of her own destiny, even if it means leaving Michael behind? Or will she risk everything for love?

Genre: Romance, Contemporary



Second Wind (Women of Whitfield Book 2) by Darlene Deluca

When a devastating tornado rips through the small town of Whitfield, Dana Gerard’s home is reduced to rubble and her well-ordered life to chaos. In the wake of the disaster, she finds herself in financial straits and confronted by challenges that test her limits.

With support from longtime friends, Dana tries to rebuild her home, but that’s not her only worry, and may be the least of her concerns. Change greets her from all directions – at work and within her own family. At a crossroads, Dana is forced to see her life with a new vision and to trust the one person she’s determined to push away.

Genre: Women's Fiction, Friendship, Contemporary Fiction



Something Good by Darlene Deluca

A mistake. A blessing. A tragedy.

And now, Mandi Evans has made it her goal to fade into anonymity. Once a straight-A student with her choice of colleges, she’s withdrawn into a life that consists of two jobs, an online class, and memories. Crippled by the past, she feels unworthy of a better life – until Lane Whitmore walks into the diner where she works six nights a week.

An urban planner, Lane is looking to revitalize the rundown part of town where Mandi’s hidden herself away. He can’t help but notice this diamond in the rough as well, and what starts as simple good times grows to . . . something more.

With Lane, Mandi feels alive again, and she makes a bold decision – one that could chart her course on a path to redemption. But will keeping her plan a secret from Lane turn out to be the biggest mistake of all?

Genre: Women's Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Teen & Young Adult



The Storm Within (Women of Whitfield Book 1) by Darlene Deluca

They say, 'lightning doesn’t strike twice.' But they’re wrong.

Claire Stapleton is living proof. First, she loses her beloved son to war. Then, her husband to another woman. As the life she’s known implodes, she struggles to pick up the pieces – to fit in. And in a small community like Whitfield, that’s harder than she ever dreamed.

Overnight, Claire falls from toast of the town to talk of the town. Long-time friends rally around, but confused and off-balance, Claire finds herself traveling a lonely, unfamiliar road without a map. And there are no detour signs to help her get back on the right track. Spiraling on a self-destructive path, Claire fights to find her way – and a reason to start over.

They say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’ Could they be right?

Genre: Women's Fiction, Friendship, Contemporary Women



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Message From Author: Hello, dear readers!

Thank you for visiting. While you're browsing, I hope you'll take a few minutes to read some of the wonderful reviews that other readers have written about my novels. I write a variety of genres, so I hope you find something that appeals to you.

My novels are about people and their relationships - what brings them together, what keeps them apart. My intent is to bring to life interesting and 'real' characters that you, the reader, can relate to in real-life situations that combine a little fun, plenty of drama (with perhaps a tear or two), and big helpings of friendship, love and self-discovery, and will leave you either cheering or sighing with a satisfied smile as you turn the final page.

With a degree in Journalism, I began my writing career as a newspaper reporter, then moved into corporate communications, writing and editing for business-related employee, company and industry publications. I launched into fiction writing just a few years ago, and published my first novel in 2013.

So far, my completed novels and works-in-progress fall into the genres of women's fiction, contemporary romance, and mainstream with romantic elements.

Books have always been a part of my life, and reading has always been a favorite pastime - from my childhood bookworm days when I would hide away with Trixie Belden or Laura Ingalls Wilder, to my busy parenting days when I forgo laundry, housecleaning and sleeping to carve out time for my latest book club read. I love curling up with a cup of tea and a bite of dark chocolate, and getting lost in a good story.

Happy reading to all!

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