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Meet Author Janice Spina

Cold Coffee Press Spotlight Interview With J. E. (Janice) Spina

J. E. Spina is a retired administrative secretary from a school system. She is an award-winning author with five MG/PT/YA Books and nine young children's books - Louey The Lazy Elephant, Ricky The Rambunctious Raccoon, Jerry The Crabby Crayfish, Lamby The Lonely Lamb, Jesse The Precocious Polar Bear, Broose the Moose on the Loose, Colby the Courageous Cat, Sebastian Meets Marvin the Monkey, Jeffrey the Jittery Giraffe, Davey & Derek Junior Detectives (middle grade series book 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, written under Janice Spina. Lamby the Lonely Lamb received a Silver Medal from Mom's Choice Awards. Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Books 1, 2 and 3 all won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards and Book 1 won Readers' Favorite Award Honorable Mention. Jerry the Crabby Crayfish won a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. Hunting Mariah and How Far Is Heaven are her novels and An Angel Among Us (A Short Story Collection) were written under J. E. Spina. She is also a copy editor, avid reader, book reviewer, blogger and supporter of fellow authors. Janice is currently working on a spinoff for girls from of Davey & Derek Series which will be published in 2018. She plans to do a sequel to Hunting Mariah, write a series for YA girls and edit a YA fantasy series and two novels that she hopes to publish over the next few years.



What makes you proud to be a writer from Londonderry, NH? Wherever I lived I would be proud to be a writer because this is something I love to do and I feel as if I am living my dream each day. What or who inspired you to become a writer? I was inspired by the positive things my mother said to me when I was just nine years old. I wrote her poems for her birthday and Mother's Day. She was very proud and happy to receive them.

When did you begin writing with the intention of becoming published? I began writing at age nine - poetry and then children's stories in my twenties and thirties. I always wanted to be published but did not reach my goal until the ripe young age of 65.

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and did you use it to your advantage? I was always a shy and timid child and learned to amuse myself through writing. I think this influenced me to write more and express myself through my writing.

Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript? I always have a title before I begin writing a story, whether it is a children's story or a novel.

Please introduce your genre and why you prefer to write in that genre? I love writing children's books but also enjoy writing novels in many genres - mysteries, psychological thrillers, romance, spiritual and historical. I have eclectic taste in genres, reading and writing.

What was your inspiration, spark or light bulb moment that inspired you to write the book that you are seeking promotion for? My inspirations for my children's books are my five grandchildren who I love dearly. My novel, Hunting Mariah, will be published this year and I hope to promote this book at that time. In the meantime I would like to promote my children's books.

What has been your most rewarding experience with your writing process? Becoming an author, my dream since a young child, has been the most rewarding experience with the writing process. Have you had a negative experience in your writing career? If so please explain how it could have been avoided? The only negative experience I have had has been being rejected by many publishers when I first started writing. I realized that I had to start by publishing my work myself. That is how I avoided the negative experience.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey? The most rewarding experience has been the many wonderful people I have met online who have been supportive and have become good friends.

Have you had a negative experience in your publishing journey? If so please explain how it could have been avoided? I have been fortunate not to have had any negative experiences but I know there will always be someone who will have negative things to say about my work. I need to develop a thick skin for such negativity and not take it to heart and let it discourage me from doing what I love to do.

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? Believe in yourself and follow your heart in doing what you love to do. Work hard at your craft and learn everything you can to improve and cultivate your art.

Who is your favorite author and why? I have so many favorite authors but one that I read extensively is Jeffrey Archer. He has the innate ability to create a fascinating tale involving so many creative, well defined and unforgettable characters. I also read some excellent indie authors – Paul G. Day, Mike Wells, and Richard C. Hale.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me and continues to support me in all my endeavors. For their friendship and assistance I am truly grateful. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do every day of the rest of my life, thanks to God.


Cold Coffee Press Book Review For Hunting Mariah – by J. E. Spina

Jump right into this intense crime, mystery, thriller set in a suburb of New York as author J. E. Spina introduces the reader to the thought process of a serial killer.

“His senses were tingling with the sight, smell, and feel of blood. The silky texture of it and its coppery smell and even the intoxicating taste of it. Just the smell alone could cause desire to rush through his body causing a compelling urge to kill. He felt a thrill at the prospect of taking a life.”

Meet Mariah Michelle Hampton and Dr. Roberts as he begins the slow meticulous process of bringing her memories back while in a safe place at the Dr. Darin J. Roberts Memorial Hospital in Lindan, New York. Many people care about and are looking out for Mariah whether she fully realizes it or not.

There are so many unanswered questions like who was the mystery man that dropped Mariah off at the hospital? How did he know her taste in clothing and detail to sizes when he dropped items off for her? What happened to her and why is it that she can remember some of her childhood memories, but not the last few weeks?

Travel with Mariah on a psychic journey to recover her memories and live with the consequences surrounding her trauma and life with a maniac that might still be at large and want to finish what he started.

Cold Coffee Press endorses Hunting Mariah - by J. E. Spina as the beginning of a great crime fiction series. This book was given to us in a PDF for review and the review was completed on January 5, 2015. For more information about Cold Coffee Press please visit http://www.coldcoffeepress.com

Genre: Crime, Fiction , Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Author Janice Spina’s Published Books:
Hunting Mariah
Lamby The Lonely Lamb

Louey The Lazy Elephant
Jesse The Precocious Polar Bear
Ricky The Rambunctious Raccoon
Jerry The Crabby Crayfish

Author Janice Spina’s Website
Author Janice Spina’s Blog

Twitter: http://twitter.com/janice_spina
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/janice.spina.9
FB Author page: http://www.facebook.com/janicespina7
FB Novelist page: http://www.facebook.com/jespina7
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/pub/janice_spina/59/321/901/

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Janice Spina's Blog

Jeffrey The Jittery Giraffe by Janice Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

Jeffrey The Jittery Giraffe by Janice Spina

Jeffrey is a nervous giraffe due to a terrible storm on the day of his birth.

He remembers that day and is frightened of…


An Angel Among Us (A Short Story Collection) by J. E. Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

An Angel Among Us (A Short Story Collection) by J. E. Spina

A collection of short stories that covers several genres including romance, grief/loss, mystery, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy and…


Jesse The Precocious Polar Bear by Janice Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

Jesse The Precocious Polar Bear by Janice Spina

Jesse is a precocious and very intelligent polar bear. He likes to learn about everything but what…


Lamby The Lonely Lamb by Janice Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

Lamby The Lonely Lamb by Janice Spina

Lamby is a very different lamb because of his color. He is very lonely and only wants to be accepted by the other lambs. Find out what…


The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog (Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, Book 4) by Janice Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog

(Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, Book 4) by Janice Spina

Davey and Derek Donato are at it again in this new book. In this case they come across a brown scraggly dog with blood on its paw but when the boys try…


Colby The Courageous Cat by Janice Spina

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 12:00am 0 Comments

Colby the Courageous Cat by Janice Spina

Colby is one of a litter of four kittens. The kittens get into all kinds of trouble. Being the biggest and strongest, Colby's mother expects him to watch over the smaller…


How Far Is Heaven by J E Spina

Posted on August 23, 2016 at 8:00pm 0 Comments

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At 10:22pm on March 6, 2017, Ann B. Keller said…

Hi, Janice!

Thanks for your kind words.  I really enjoyed writing the books.  I finally found a good cover artist on Fiverr, too.  She really has a knack for making good covers.

Your books are charming.  I really like the way they make me feel - treasured and warm.


At 4:19pm on August 30, 2014, Dutch Rhudy said…

Hi Janice

Welcome to Cold Coffee Cafe.


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