April 2017 Blog Posts (13)

Abducted Innocence

In this gripping police procedural, Officer Emily Etcitty sets a trap for a kidnapper preying on Navajo teens.

Abducted Innocence follows the exploits and misadventures of Navajo Police Officer, Emily Etcitty, and her boyfriend, East Coast musician, Abe Freeman, as they…


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Mars terrain

For those who want to know their way around Mars, my latest blog includes a direct link to Google Mars, which I just discovered recently. No excuse for the kids to get lost on Mars anymore!



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New novel jacket blurb

Hi everyone

Here is the latest blurb for my upcoming novel Saving Paludis:

When scientists on remote planet Paludis discover a means to dramatically improve the way mankind explores the universe they unwittingly open a Pandora’s Box of…


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New Video by Rhonda Patton


Check out this amazing new video by Rhonda Patton.

Find out more about my upcoming new book, My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses.…


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An Original Way of Marketing


I discovered a new way of marketing last night and you'll never believe what it is. Or maybe you will.

My yoga instructor has been asking me to bring in a copy of my picture book to show the group. I finally remembered to yesterday evening. We were…


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Kings and Queens of Great Britain

An illustrated chart of the family tree of the British Royal family, from the earliest times to Prince Harry and the Duchess of York. Beginning with the five major lines Scots, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Welsh - the chart details the separate development of each royal house. It is relevant to the study of British history from primary school to university and is a useful genealogical dictionary for the layman.…


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Amber Wolf

Amber Wolf

Destitute after her mother is raped and murdered by…


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A Study In Scarlet - The First Sherlock Holmes Book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Study in Scarlet is the first of the Sherlock Holmes series. It starts off with Dr. Watson coming back from the war and looking for a place to settle down in London. A friend of his introduces him to Sherlock Holmes, a private investigator with some strange qualities, who is looking for someone to share a lodging with. Dr. Watson agrees to room with Sherlock Holmes, soon after this Holmes is called on by the police to solve a brutal murder with some strange clues. After watching the case…


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Inspiration by George Wilder Jr.

Creative writing courses are on the rise in colleges for majors, and more people have been turned into readers who once were not, and that thanks is owed to social media.

Millions out here want to be writers, just check out your universities.…


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COMING SOON: My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses!

Please click this link to find out more about my new book, which will be released shortly.



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The day before the big day!


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The Last Detective by Brian Cohn

It's been two years since the invasion.

Two years since the slicks came to our planet and herded humanity together like cattle, placing us under constant watch in the few cities that remain. The lucky ones are left to their own devices. The unlucky few are rounded up and carted off to labor camps to face an…


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The First Lines Contest

Please vote for my entry in this contest. It's judged by the first 3 lines of each book. Here are the first 3 lines of my book, Tails of Sweetbrier:

"Have you ever really wanted to do something but you came across a roadblock of some kind? Maybe you're afraid of new things or maybe you have a physical challenge. Are you going to follow your dream or are you going to push it aside without really trying?"…


Added by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne on April 1, 2017 at 11:00am — No Comments

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