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author site in space

I’ve recently expanded my author platform to include the www.beshears.space website in the space domain, picked it up through the Planetary Society, which I’ve been a member of almost since its inception back in 1980.…


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Serpent's Keep sequel coming in 2018

When I wrote and published Serpent's Keep back in 2009, I hadn't intended to write a sequel. Yet the demand for one has been there almost since the novel first went to print.

To be fair, while Serpent's…


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Shylmahn Short Story

I revisited the world of the Shylmahn recently, wrote a short story that takes place twenty years after the conclusion of the third book in the Shylmahn trilogy. "The Britton Journals" is the story of a Shylmahn historian’s visit to an aging…


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Feedback for Planet of Stones by David R. Beshears

I recently completed a screenplay called “Planet of Stones”. The idea was to come up with a true…


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Planet of Stones Published This Week


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rafflecopter giveaway for signed Shylmahn Migration

There’s a free drawing for a signed print edition of The Shylmahn Migration on greybeard publishing. It was set up on and is being conducted by Rafflecopter, enter the drawing on the greybeard giveaways page. Good luck everyone!  …


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Serpent's Keep in Kindle Countdown

Serpent's Keep is available in the Amazon Kindle Countdown for a limited time. The Kindle edition of my sci-fi / fantasy adventure is only .99 until Dec 1.

The paperback edition of Serpent’s Keep has been very popular over this past year and I’ve received some very positive feedback (please post Amazon…


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Like looking at the mirror from the back


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Reading Deals Reviews

Hey everyone...

We placed four of my books onto the Reading Deals Reviews website. Reading Deals provides free downloads of select titles in exchange for an honest review.

If this is something you might be interested in, I created a page on the greybeard publishing website with links to the titles on Reading Deals. If you download a…


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Free Audiobooks with Print Editions

A special offer on six popular novella titles…

Purchase the print edition of any of the titles, get the audiobook for FREE.…


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Serpent's Keep Receives Readers' Favorite Five Star Review

Serpent’s Keep has received a 5 star review from Readers’ Favorite. The Readers Favorite website has won a number of awards for its work, and we’re excited to have received this…


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book 2 in shylmahn trilogy now on audiobook

Narrator James Nutt finished production on The Occupation and the audiobook is now available on amazon, …


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Reunions short script adaptation

I’ve completed a short script adaptation of my “Reunions” short story, a macabre tale published a few years ago in Necrology Magazine, Tales of the Macabre, and later appearing in several collections, including my own Yesterday’s Shadows short story collection.

I have been looking at adapting this and other short stories for some time, as I am starting to see a growing market for short scripts. Reunions turned out to be…


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Sisters in Space - Complete Series

I finished putting the seven SIS episodes together into an omnibus volume, all wrapped up in a cool book cover. The collection is out now in ebook and print. Links and info on greybeard or check it out on…


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Gazette issue includes final Sisters in Space episode

The May/June issue of the…


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looking back over the past weekend

Okay, feeling a bit numb...

I switched hats this past weekend, swapping my literary headgear for my marketing hat to run a free promotion for …


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book three in shylmahn trilogy

The Shylmahn Migration, the first book in the trilogy, was my first full-length novel to be published, back in 2007, receiving praise from literary professors and from PhDs in science. My miniseries screenplay adaptation of the novel won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting competition…


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Enter the Black Tower

I'm taking a short break from my literary responsibilities to let everyone know of a promotion starting today…

If you’ve been looking to enter The Black Tower, now is a good time. Episode One of the eleven episode serial is free this weekend. This is a fun science fiction adventure; follow a team of interesting characters exploring amazing worlds.

And for Kindle Unlimited members, all eleven of the one hour novellas are available in the KU program.

Find episode one here:…


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busy, busy, busy...

If I’ve seemed distracted or slow to respond or have been otherwise unavailable, well, it has been one heck of a half a dozen weeks. Wait… what’s the date?

I do apologize.

Some time back I was busily slogging away at three different literary projects (good stuff) and simultaneously struggling with marketing stuff (yuk stuff). So… all in all, all was going along normally.

And then over the span of a week two time sensitive projects dropped in out of the ethersphere,…


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Greybeard Gazette - March/April Issue

Hey everyone…

The March / April issue of the greybeard gazette is now online. Very cool stuff in this issue.

Yes, yes… you’ll find the sixth episode of Sister’s in Space. Claire and Amelia find themselves having to…


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