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Creative writing courses are on the rise in colleges for majors, and more people have been turned into readers who once were not, and that thanks is owed to social media.

Millions out here want to be writers, just check out your universities.…


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Don't Get Trampled

I want to say something else on writing.

People ask me, do I make money with my writings. And I say, yes I do. I get a w-2 each year for filing taxes on what I have sold. Remember people are fickle when it comes to spending their money on a book, ebook, or short story. There are million to billions of published material out here, that is published every year, and half of all this stuff is free.

Everyone is not going to buy what you write, not…


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Love what you do and make money at it

People love what they do even if they don't make money at it. However, when it comes to writing and publishing this what I say: Money can be made with your writing, it is just stressful don't give up. There is so much out there and people have so many choices when it comes to what they want to read and spend their money on. A lot of books online are free. Just make your book or story stand out from rest of the pack and watch it make money. It's hard work but It…

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“Check on the girls.”
“I already did.”
“Just like before, they are all scared, crying, and want to go…

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No book reviews. That is fine.

Authors, it is a struggle for some writers to get honest reviews. My stories sell and are downloaded without no or few reviews. There are all kinds of reasons for that. But keep trying to get reviews, make it a mission. You don't need reviews to sell a book, you need a good story, super book cover, and a great title.However, reviews make your amazon page look great.
When I posted…

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Writer and Authors

As writers and authors, we think of final victory like the movies. We are standing in front of a large audience giving a speech after our book became a bestseller, a movie, a play. We see victory as the world knowing our name. This is victory of a sorts, but the real victory is that we live to fight another day. Fame is fleeting. I will say it again. Fame is fleeting. I found this out and the hard way. Believe it or not the wave will pass and you will find yourself back to…


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Elder Abuse and Old Man.

George Wilder Jr.:

My story, "Elder Abuse and the Old Man," is here. 

5 million seniors a year suffer some form of mistreatment or neglect in American nursing homes and from Relatives, and from long-term care facilities including:

in their own homes from friends and relatives.

- Willful infliction of injury 

- Unreasonable confinement

- Intimidation

- Punishment with resulting physical…


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I'm addicted.

As a published author, I am now working on material for a short story series, never done much of a series before in terms of writing. All of my upcoming stories will be based on real events, some from my own experiences and others, and some will be made up, however, in a fictional and nonfictional sense. I have tried to take a break from writing, I just can't do it. I'm addicted.

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