Poldark!!!! Wall To Wall Poldark!

My dear husband bought the entire series...for Mother's Day!

Handsomely covered, and displayed. I am so…


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Mud before Mayhem

This morning, the 19th of May (already?) I turned myself into a female Golum, by doing what I love, second best--- playing in mud, aka dragging out the crusty tile cutter, battered and rust stained, the diamond wheel turned to zircon wheel, smoking and fuming after myriad uses. The reason for my muddy estate, frizzy mud-drizzled hair, smeared glasses and a wet mucky swath striping down the middle, forehead to toes, thanks to the wheel's back wash, was due to my addiction to…


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Don't you love bird song in the am…

Don't you love bird song in the am…?

I have one that sounds liquid, like a waterfall, though I too couldn't tell a woodpecker from a sparrow. Where I live it is is by the ocean with lots of rough dog runs and 'people-forged nature trails' and a cliff in back that always makes me wonder when it will come tumbling down… it has to do with the underlying layers. So far, even after the drenching, we've enjoyed here in parched CA, thank God it has stayed buttressed.

Back to wild…


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Kings and Queens of Great Britain

An illustrated chart of the family tree of the British Royal family, from the earliest times to Prince Harry and the Duchess of York. Beginning with the five major lines Scots, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Welsh - the chart details the separate development of each royal house. It is relevant to the study of British history from primary school to university and is a useful genealogical dictionary for the layman.…


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The day before the big day!


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'Dear Diary' ;

Totally out of my element, in the isolated mountain town of Big…


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