Los Angeles is an ideal city for film noir for both economic and aesthetic reasons. The largest metropolitan area in the country, home to an ever-changing population of the disillusioned and in close proximity to city, mountains, ocean, and desert, the City of Angels became a center of American film noir.

This work discusses nine films, each analized in detail, with explanation of why certain settings are appropiate for film noir, why L.A. has been a favorite of authors such Raymond Chandler, and relevant political developments in the area. The films are also examined in terms of story content as well as how they developed in the project stage, with details drawn from the filmmakers´ own accounts.

The major films covered are "The Big Sleep", "Criss Cross", "D.O.A.", "In a Lonely Place", "The Blue Gardenia", "Kiss Me Deadly", "The Killing", "Chinatown" and ""L.A. Confidential".

Movie Historian and writer William Hare is a contributor to "Films of the Golden Age". He also the author of "Early Fim Noir:Greed, Lust a¡nd Murder Hollywood Style". He lives in Sabinillas , Spain.

Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Movies & Video, History & Criticism, Biographies & Memoirs, True Crime, Serial Killers



Hitchcock and The Methods of Suspense by William Hare and Robert Kendall

An analysis of the inner workings of Alfred Hitchcock's innovative mind and how astutely he tapped into the public consciousness in appealing to the public's imagination with classic works such as REBECCA, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, THE BIRDS and PSYCHO.

Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Movies & Video, Reference, Direction & Production



The Struggle for The Holy Land: Arabs, Jews and
The Emergence of Israel
by William Hare

A 3,500-year narrative historical study of the Middle East. History is examined through the conduct and influence of larger than life historical figures such as Muhammad, David Ben-Gurion, T. E. Lawrence, Theodor Herzl, Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Genre: History, Middle East, Religion & Spirituality, Christian Books & Bibles, Israel & Palestine



Pulp Fiction to Film Noir: The Great Depression
and the Development of a Genre 1st Edition, by William Hare

During the Great Depression, pulp fiction writers created a new, distinctly American detective story, one that stressed the development of fascinating, often bizarre characters rather than the twists and turns of clever plots. This new crime fiction adapted brilliantly to the screen, birthing a cinematic genre that French cinema intellectuals following World War II christened “film noir.” Set on dark streets late at night, in cheap hotels and bars, and populated by the dangerous people who frequented these locales, these films introduced a new antihero, a tough, brooding, rebellious loner, embodied by Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon and Philip Marlowe in The Big Sleep. This volume provides a detailed exploration of film noir, tracing its evolution, the influence of such legendary writers as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, and the films that propelled this dark genre to popularity in the mid-20th century.

Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Movies & Videos, History & Criticism, Films



Early Film Noir: Greed, Lust and Murder Hollywood Style
by William Hare and Ken Annakin

It is fitting that film noir, a genre shrouded in dark suspense, in many ways owes its existence to two loners who linked their talents and created Hollywood movie history. The film noir genre has entertained worldwide audiences for three generations.

A slender, restless young man left his Los Angeles roots to find his identity elsewhere. Ultimately settling in Missouri, he was unable to secure anything resembling stability, moving from one job to another. He was periodically fired and rehired by a newspaper editor who liked him personally while less than awed by his professional performance.

The wandering eventually returned home. He ventured into the same realm where his father had made his mark – motion pictures. John Huston’s father Walter was one of the venerable character actors of stage and screen.

Walter Huston, one of the best liked Hollywood insiders, saw his son soar to the heights as one of filmdom’s leading screenwriters. At that point father gave son a piece of career advice that bore enormous fruit. Walter told John that the way to the top in the industry’s power machinery existed in joining the ranks of directors.

John Huston followed his father’s recommendation. He told his boss Jack Warner that he would like to direct. His story choice was an adaptation of Dashiell Hammett’s detective novel, The Maltese Falcon. The Warner Brothers chieftain balked that the Hammett work had been adapted to the screen twice and failed each time. Huston, a man accustomed to triumphing over adversity, insisted that it was the treatment of the work that caused the failures and that he could bring the story home in the winner’s column.

The story’s protagonist was a loner much like Huston. It was only natural that the leading man who portrayed brooding and wily San Francisco Detective Sam Spade was a loner who had been a brooding and restless young man just like Huston and had become a close friend of the screenwriter and director to be – Humphrey Bogart.

Bogart was perfect as Sam Spade and the 1941 Warner Brothers release became a huge success. Bogart proved so ideal that Jack Warner cast him to portray Los Angeles brooding detective loner Philip Marlowe. This time the film was The Big Sleep, an adaptation of a Raymond Chandler novel.

Raymond Chandler felt comfortable enough in the new genre that would eventually be called film noir to team up with director Billy Wilder on another comparable vehicle. The Wilder directed noir masterpiece was Double Indemnity with Barbara Stanwyck, generally cast as a solid and respectable lady, earning rave notices as a ruthless femme fatale who entices Fred MacMurray to help her murder her husband for profit.

The dark streets of night and the tense and macabre tales that lie therein are revisited in Early Film Noir, which provides readers with an inside look at some of the most fascinating stories and people breathing creative life into a dynamic genre. We see shrewd men of night such as Bogart and Robert Mitchum pitted against wily, glamorous and dangerous women such as Stanwyck, Jane Greer and Claire Trevor. Let the explosives begin!

Genre: History, Middle East, Humor & Entertainment, Movies & Video, History & Criticism, Israel & Palestine



Sunset Boulevard Murders: A Jeff Kelly Mystery by William Hare

Detective Jeff Kelly one rainy night in the spring of 1949 visits one of his Sunset Boulevard watering holes. He meets Lila Lamont, a beautiful blonde actress. In addition to setting an appointment at his office for the following morning on what she defines as an important matter, she asks him to walk her to her car in the parking lot. Kelly is clubbed from behind in the driving rain, falling to the ground unconscious. She suffers a worse fate, suffering a brutal death. Lila Lamont's tragic murder makes immediate headlines and changes Kelly's life. The former Los Angeles Examiner reporter is compelled to use his investigative savvy to solve Lila's murder along with others that occur subsequently, driving the movie colony to a state of terror. Kelly also feels compelled to solve the murders for another reason, to stay alive since he comes perilously close to becoming a victim himself.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Cozy



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About The Author: Author William Hare was born and raised in Los Angeles. While in high school he worked at the Los Angeles Examiner as part of the Scholastic Sports Association, a program begun by the newspaper’s publisher William Randolph Hearst, Jr., in which high school students were trained to write and edit the Examiner’s prep sports section. Hare became the youngest journalist ever to cover a World Series game for a major metropolitan newspaper.

After graduating from California State University at Northridge with a major in political science and minors in English and history, he became the youngest sports editor of a Los Angeles area daily newspaper at the Inglewood Daily News chain. In addition to covering the busy L.A. sports beat Hare also wrote feature articles on major personalities within the local movie scene.

Eventually Hare would add a law degree to his educational portfolio at San Fernando Valley College of Law, where he served as editor of the law review. His varied educational studies and keen writing interest led to a career in writing within both fiction and non-fiction realms. Areas of current writing activity include international and U.S. history, film history with a film noir emphasis, and Hollywood detective noir fiction.

A biographical profile of Author William Hare available both in extensive and bullet forms can be found at his blog site at www.booksbywilliam.com

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