“Check on the girls.”
“I already did.”
“Just like before, they are all scared, crying, and want to go home.”
“Let me go down and talk to them.”
Blackville took the back service elevator of the Illinois Capitol Building two levels down and he entered a large dark room, he soon turned on the dim lights. It is all about cash, he thought. The young women and girls were huddled up close to each other, looking sweaty, frighten, and hungry. They were squirming with cries of helplessness. The tracks of their tears were easily noticeable. The women and young girls were packed in like sardines in a small can of emollient.
He walked and letting his neck crane, back and forth, around the large room and its vast space spying the girls in their grimy muck and snippy clothing. The little brightness coming from the lights, momentarily blinded some of the girls who had grown use to the ongoing darkness.
Sheri Featherstone sat in the middle of a pile of ten or more taken women, her and the others’ body odors had long become foul and very offensive, she was soaked and wet caused by her many tears. Sheri never stopped crying from the day she was bought into somewhere she still has yet to find out its location.
They all look as if they had been working for 15 cents an hour in sweat shops out in the Middle East, somewhere. The girls were tired, hungry, and abused.
“Hello ladies, I’m sure your families are just worried sick about you.”
“What do you want from us?” a girl asked, shouting from the crowd of battered women.
“I want to go home,” another young lady cried.
Whimpering could be heard all around.
“What I want is for your families and you to suffer.”
“We have done nothing to you.”
“A lot of your asshole parents did not vote for me and some are calling me really nasty names and I don’t like it.”
“Sir, my family never said an awful word about you, in fact, my Dad voted for you,” the soft voice came from inside the crowd.
Suddenly another girl stood up and from out of the crowd and spoke directly at Blackville. “My Dad said that you don’t know what you are doing, he said that you do not know how to govern this state and that you have shit for brains.”
“I want one million dollars each from your loving parents, if they want to see either of you again.”
“My parents do not have that kind of money, you asshole.”
“Then you will die.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“For money, what else?”
“But you are a millionaire.”
“Let’s just say I just became a very greedy man.”
“You are a politician, when they catch you, they are going to fry your dumb ass.”

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