Feedback for Planet of Stones by David R. Beshears

I recently completed a screenplay called “Planet of Stones”. The idea was to come up with a true science fiction script that involved minimal SFX and characters. I worked on it for several months and completed it a few weeks ago.

I then began looking for critical feedback, and decided to send the screenplay to a coverage service. Here professional readers will review your script and provide analysis on what works and what doesn’t.

I was very pleased with the coverage that came back for “Planet of Stones”. It received high scores in every category with an overall percentile of 94. Only my “Ravenhill Court” screenplay rated higher. It just beat out “KHDZ”. Their suggestions for further improvement are being incorporated.

I adapted the screenplay to novella format, which has been published to ebook and print. While the recommended changes are minor and don’t change the story, at some point I will probably incorporate them into the book, as I like to maintain consistency between my screenplays and their adaptations. 

You can read more about Planet of Stones on the title’s book page on greybeard publishing.

Some quotes from the coverage:

“An immersive, entertaining sci-fi experience.”
“Successfully transplants a nearly human-like arc onto a non-human character, which is a difficult task to pull off.”
“In a film culture where so many filmmakers put dialog over visual storytelling, your script immediately sets itself apart as something concerned with the tools of cinema.  More than anything else, this quality helps to make your script memorable.”
“You create a real sense of not only discovery, but also adventure.”
“You have a strong talent for writing scene description in a way that highlights the specific elements that make screenwriting unique.”
“You capture the sense of a stranger in a strange land wonderfully.”

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