Footsteps Across My Heart by Ann B. Keller

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From a poem highlighting a misty morning at Hadrian’s Wall and the hushed silence of Stonehenge, to a tranquil pool of glistening tadpoles, the awe of majestic mountains, and the simple joy of a baby’s smile, this book blossoms with a wealth of human emotions.  Poetry, by its very nature, is but a moment in time.  It strives to capture the sweet yearning of young love, the tender hope of spring, the trembling horror of a troll, the gentle sway of Spanish moss, and the smoky mystery of a scaly dragon.

Here, too, are verses to the memories of fallen heroes, the hope of the poor, and the thunderous roar of absolute silence.  This book of poetry is a delightful journey into the past where crenellations crowned gray stone towers, knights performed great deeds for honor, king and country, and fairies gaily danced on mossy tuffets studded with dew.  Within these pages are verses to the restless quill, to the magic of kittens and soap bubbles.  One has only to open the cover to release the wonder and happiness inside.

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