Lady Buff & Yardstick: The Three-Footed Kitten - by Dutch Rhudy

Lady Buff & Yardstick: The Three-Footed Kitten by Dutch Rhudy

Set in a famous Franciscan Monk's Art Studio. Lady Buff & Yardstick is a heart-warming story of a mother and kitten. Shunned by mama Magdalena, and befriended by Brother Matthew; curious little Yardstick provides funding for a new infirmary roof.

Genre: Short Stories

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Author’s Published Works:

The Roaring Falls Series

Historical Series:

The History of Roaring Falls: Draft Completed, In Editing, Not Yet Published
The Journal of Josiah Stren 1828 - 1829 (Example Only): In Production

Mystery Series (Examples Only):
Death on The Landing
Riverboat Murders
The Oracle at Winnowing Rock
Torchlight at Summit Ridge

Romance Series (Examples Only):
Phoebe's Wish
The Blue Petticoat
Prom Night Parties
Secret Life of Maggie Grupp

Stand-Alone Novels (Stand-alone publications):

A Secret In Ash Brooke

Short Stories (Stand-alone publications):

Boot & Milk Balls (Plus three additional short stories)
Lady Buff & Yardstick - The Three-Footed Kitten

The Elusive Smoking Gun
The Vanishing Corn Mystery


Amazon Author’s Page and Main Purchase Link

Author Dutch Rhudy’s Roaring Falls Website

Cold Coffee Press Author Dutch Rhudy
Cold Coffee Café Author Dutch Rhudy

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