Advance Chess: Relative Retroactive Retrospection Of The Double Set Game
Analysis of (D4.2.51) Book 2, Vol. 6 by Siafa B Neal

Message From The Grand Master: This book, Book 2 Vol. 6, which is the last current book in the Double Set Game series, focuses on the Double Set Game (D4.2.51) using Model III, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model. This game board model allows as many chess players to engage with several chess set games on a single game board. The Double Set Game (uses two unique chess sets) on a single game board and may allow for a maximum of four (4) chess players to play. For instance, it is possible for me to challenge four chess players on this game board quadro-taneously, intermittently and spontaneously.

I have found the experience of playing Double Set Games on the game board, Model III, a very rewarding experience. Experiencing the Double set games provides me a better insight into the complexities and intricacies of the games' tapestry. The fact of the matter is that I easily get bored using the Single set chess set on Model III and find the Double Set games to be particularly challenging. The reason for this is because the Equations (descriptive narratives of the chess pieces movement) for the Double Set Games are, in most cases much more longer than the Single Set Games. In order to win a Double Set Game a player has to CHECKMATE his opponents' Kings twice. In the event of a tie (draw), a tie breaker would involve a final game using a Single set chess game.

Theodocia McLean (Cold Coffee Press) endorses Advance Chess: Relative Retroactive Retrospection Of The Double Set Game: Analysis of (D4.2.51) Book 2, Vol. 6 by Siafa B Neal. Reviewed on October 6, 2017

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