New Series of Children's Picture books in Rhyme Sure to Grab Your Child

If I Only Had Thumbs-Chickee Chicken's Story by Steve Gabany

"This is a terrific story about a chicken named Chickee and all her adventures on a farm.
The illustrations are so unique."


Chickee Chicken is on the wrong side of a rising stream. She crossed when it was shallow to find breakfast for her chicks. Now, she can't get back. She needs to build a boat but, yes, you guessed it, she doesn't have thumbs. She needs help, and how she is helped and who helps her is unexpected and heart-warming.

'IF I ONLY HAD THUMBS' books are all about helping. The message for children is that helping is good, no matter who needs help and who stops to help. In other words, accept and ignore the differences among us. Do what you can to help.

The 'IF I ONLY HAD THUMBS' series are unique among children's picture books. In light and humorous rhyme, Steve Gabany creates partnerships between unlikely animals—one needing help, the other able to help. With gentleness, humor, and a focus on family, 'IF I ONLY HAD THUMBS' books do their part to make the world a better place.

'IF I ONLY HAD THUMBS: CHICKEE CHICKEN'S STORY' by Steve Gabany and Arlene Berry

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