On Foot In Andalucía: 40 Hiking Excursions In Southern Spain (Granma with a Vengeance) (Volume 1) by Else Byskov

On Foot In Andalucía: 40 Hiking Excursions In Southern Spain
(Granma with a Vengeance) (Volume 1)  by Else Byskov

Just behing the Costa del Sol of Southern Spain there is more untouched nature than you have ever dreamt of. The mountains are wild and steep, so few people venture into them. This means that Andalucía is an eldorado for hikers. There are 24 natural parks with a completely pristine, wild and dramatic nature. This books takes the reader by the hand and leads the way onto Southern Spain´s cornucopia of untrodden paths. It doesn´t get any better or any more beautiful anywhere else in the world.

Genre: Travel > Europe > Spain > Andalusia > Science & Math > Nature & Ecology

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