Talisman - Exciting Time Travel Romance by Ann B. Keller!

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Catriona Whitaker and her two children came to the quiet Scottish village of Yarrow Castle unaware of the magical secret kept hidden throughout the ages.  As Cat begins to renovate the old structure, mystical forces intervene, sweeping her back in time.

Duncan Armstrong, the great laird of the clan, does not need nor want the help of an interfering female.  Cat is far too curious for her own good.  Despite his resolve, Duncan feels himself inexorably drawn to the beautiful woman and to a destiny he cannot seem to avoid. 

Could Cat be the one for whom they’ve waited or will the Old One eliminate Cat before the prophecy can come true?  Perhaps all that’s needed is the help of a meddling little fairy, love’s promise, and the power of the glowing red talisman.

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