The Howling Cliffs – A Sara Mason Mystery (1st sequel to River Bones) by Mary Deal

The Howling Cliffs – A Sara Mason Mystery
(1st sequel to River Bones) by Mary Deal

Sara Mason’s dedication to solving missing person cold cases with love interest, Huxley Keane, includes accompanying him into the Vietnam jungle searching for his MIA brother’s remains. Their friend, Esmerelda, accompanies them. Her daughter was abducted along with Huxley’s brother. Scant remains are found and await identification.

Sara has purchased a home on the island of Kauai for use as an R&R stopover by the veterans who make frequent trips between the U.S. Mainland and Vietnam. Sara learns that a six-year-old neighborhood girl went missing ten years earlier and strangely, dogs howl when taken high on the forest cliffs. Accompanied by a neighbor’s retired forensic dog, Sara wants to learn why dogs react in the forest.

Someone wants the missing child cold case to stay cold. Attempts are made on Sara’s life and continue as she investigates the little girl’s disappearance. Sara is gravely injured after being run off the road and later pushed over a cliff. She is dazed and alone at night on a narrow ledge over a thousand foot cliffside where she discovers a frightful scene. The forensic dog leads Sara and the police to a second disgusting site that brings the case to a shocking closure.

Book Genre: Thriller


The Howling Cliffs: A Sara Mason Mystery (1st sequel to River Bones) by Mary Deal Is A 2015 Bronze Global Ebook Awards Winner Under The Suspense Fiction Genre.

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