The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of Days

  The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End...

   Author Eli of Kittim is a researcher and expert on Bible prophecy. Under his real name he has published articles in numerous prestigious journals and magazines, such as “The American Journal of Psychoanalysis,” the “Aegean Review” (which has published work by Jorge Luis Borges, Lawrence Durrell, Truman Capote, Alice Bloom), and the “International Poetry Review” (a literary translation journal), among others. He is the author of the groundbreaking book—”The Little Book of Revelation: The First Coming of Jesus at the End of Days”—which reveals the untold story of Christ’s visitation and origin. It was a winner in a Double Decker Books contest on Goodreads. 

   Eli of Kittim views the New Testament account of Jesus as prophetic rather than historical. He argues that the first coming of Jesus is yet to come! This is a novel idea, but one that is well-supported by a twenty-year research study. “The Little Book of Revelation” has received acclaim from critics and scholars alike. “BlueInk Review” praised the book as a “beautifully written … highly creative literary analysis,” from an artistic standpoint, and lauded it as “an intriguing study” for its originality and scholarship. They went on to say: “Bible scholars and eschatologists may want to consider its thought-provoking ideas.” Dr. Robert Eisenman, eminent Bible scholar and author of "James the Brother of Jesus" and "The New Testament Code," wrote: "Your illustrations are really good. You've mastered another world than I."

   Mr. Kittim is fluent in Biblical Greek, which allows him to read the New Testament in the original language. His blog serves as a follow-up study to his book in which he engages in deep exegesis by consulting the original Hebrew and Greek texts. He lives in New York City.

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