Why I wrote the self-help book, Fast-track to Fabulous Fulfillment

Since the 1960s, my foremost interest has been the psychology of self-improvement and self-development. After amassing considerable knowledge in this field over several decades, and through my involvement and training as both a psychotherapist and financial advisor, I formed the Success Secrets Society as a community of innovators and aspirants to share, develop and refine techniques for self-improvement and self-development. With the help  of society members, I developed a universal home study course in self-mastery and life-improvement. It proved a great success, and eventually I found the time to rewrite and expand the course for publication as a book. That's how Fast-Track to Fabulous Fulfillment was born.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Dreams, Goals and Good fortune
Part 2: Configuring your Mind for Success
Part 3: Wealth; Ways to Get it and Increase it
Part 4: Further Techniques for Faster Fulfillment

Chapter List

i: Foreword by Dr. Gary Webb
ii: Welcome from the Author
1: LOA vs. GFA  Debunking the ‘Law of Attraction’
2: YOUR INNERMOST DREAMS  Give them due consideration!
3: ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? If not, why might that be?
4: THE PERSON YOU'LL BECOME Developing the character
5: THE IMPORTANCE of GOALS  The linchpin of achievement
6: A SITUATION-TRANSFORMER Improve life on four fronts
7: EXAMINE YOUR HABITS  They can make or break you
8: S.A.U.C.E.D.A.R.T.S.  Neutralize your worries
9: THINKING ABOUT THINKING  Optimize your mindscape
10: BYPASS THE BOUNCER! & other self-programming tips
11: CREATIVE THINKING Be a goldmine of winning ideas
12: CONTROLLED RELAXATION  for multiplied capability
13: CONCENTRATION POWER  and its dynamic potential
14: EMOTIONAL MATURITY & emotional intelligence
15: PLUG THOSE KNOWLEDGE GAPS before they sink you!
16: REFLECTIONS ON WEALTH and the value of money
17: CAREER DEVELOPMENT to hasten financial security
18: BUILDING WEALTH  with exponential growth
19: DEBT: A TWO-EDGED SWORD  not to be played with
20: SUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATING a pivotal success skill
21: AN ENTERPRISE OF YOUR OWN  Could this be for you?
22: A NETWORK OF SUPPORTERS The non-island approach
23: AVOIDING DISTRACTIONS the impediment to progress
24: DAVID & GOLIATH PRINCIPLE  Less effort, better results!
25: IMPROVING VITALITY  for increased effectiveness
26: NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION Pay attention to it!
27: CHARM & CHARISMA Secrets of personal magnetism
28: THE IRREPLACEABLE ASSET and how to use it
29: 30+ POWER HABITS  that transform your future
30: FINAL THOUGHTS  An important decision for you
. 333

This book, described as "the key self-development book of the new century" by one reviewer, is written in a way that makes for easy reading for most people, with occasional illustrations that help to add variety to the reading experience.

The book contains numerous practical assignments or 'recommended action steps', making it a fun and practical handbook that produces the very real progress that all self-growth readers desire: that of an increasingly successful life experience. Of course, everyone's definition of successful living is different and unique. This book takes full account of this. It guides you through the process of formulating your very own blueprint for personal success according to your unique and innermost dreams and ambitions.

This is not a religious book. However it does recognize the wisdom found in various pieces of spiritual literature, but fundamentally, it is a practical and pragmatic road map to becoming the best you can be.

  • Do you ever feel you are in a rut?
  • Do you ever wish you had more money, love or happiness?
  • Do you ever feel you are missing out on the best things life has to offer?
  • Have you found it hard to achieve the life you'd really appreciate?

If you answer "yes" more than once, thin this book is for you! This unique flight plan to optimal living helps you surmount any obstacles in your path, leading you to new vistas of lasting happiness and personal success.

If you are already doing well, you can now do even better! If you are doing badly, this book gets you on the rails to amazing achievements according to your most passionate wishes. It helps you identify your true calling and gets you there at startling rapidity. If you follow its guidance, your success is virtually guaranteed!

We owe it to ourselves - and to those who care about us - to give life our best shot. That's what this book is about. Perhaps you are already beginning to glean that the keys to your future await you in this book. You will love it when you discover the secrets of tapping into your most valuable resource: your own hidden potential. And there is no time like the present to get started!

There are currently two versions of the book: one in American English and the other in British English. The subject matter of each is identical apart from the spelling. One reviewer commented "Everyone needs this book." Another described it as "The key self-development book of the 21st century".

The book is available from Amazon, USA, Amazon, UK and Amazon, Canada. You may also wish to visit the book's web site at FFFbook.com


© Alan Ackroyd 2017 - All rights reserved

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