As writers and authors, we think of final victory like the movies. We are standing in front of a large audience giving a speech after our book became a bestseller, a movie, a play. We see victory as the world knowing our name. This is victory of a sorts, but the real victory is that we live to fight another day. Fame is fleeting. I will say it again. Fame is fleeting. I found this out and the hard way. Believe it or not the wave will pass and you will find yourself back to where you started. Real victory is that we survive to keep writing. That is the victory. It is not the published novel. It is not the advance. It is not the accolades. It is not the lack of all these things. It is that you sit down again the next day, no matter what happens, good, bad, you sit down and you write again. This is your biggest triumph. This is your ultimate victory. You have survived. You are stilling writing. You are a writer. Now go write.

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