Welcome To The Cafe

Welcome To The Cafe

 The Cafe is free for all authors who wish to promote their own book(s)
through book blogs on their own author’s page.

Cold Coffee Cafe and Cold Coffee Press

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Instructions To Help You With Your Café Page Presentation:

Important: Please do not change the Headline Greeting on the very top of your author’s page that reads Welcome to (Your Name). If you to you mess up the search mechanism and readers can’t search you by your name on the Café.

Step One: Click on the blue “Setting” link on the right hand side of your page and add your photo (your professional head-shot).

Our Mission:

  • Remain FREE so all authors can blog about their own books.
  • Bring Special Promotional Campaigns (to bring online visibility) to those authors who join our parent website titled Cold Coffee Press.
  • Bring avid readers to our Café to read about our authors, their books and follow purchase links to buy our authors’ books.
  • The key to success on the Cafe is great content (search engines and readers go where the content is).

Please Advertise Each One Of Your Books In A Blog:

  • We ask that you use your featured blog section (on the left hand side of your page) to blog about each one of your books separately.
  • Please add your book cover and book trailer (if you have one) to your book blog with your book description, book excerpt link (if you have one), book review link (if you have one) and all your purchase links (especially Amazon).
  • We will examine each blog and help tweak your blog post so each post becomes a great sales tool that will help our avid readers desire to purchase your books.
  • You are allowed to comment on a Blog Post.
  • Please delete old blog posts that have deadlines in them (or we will).
  • Time-Frame: Our goal is to approve each blog within 24 hours of submission request.
  • Topics: Please blog about your books, writing and publishing topics.

We Will Help: If you can’t get your Book Cover or You Tube Video Code into your blog post, please put your Amazon Link to your book and your You Tube Video Link into your with your book description, book excerpt link (if you have one), book review link (if you have one) and all your purchase links.


Please Visit This Author's Page As A Sample Of How Your Page Can Look


Please Visit This Link To See How A Single Blog Post
Can Look With A Book Cover and A Book Video


Please Visit This Link To See How A Single Blog Post
Can Look That Lists Multiple Book Videos


Main Text Box (located in the center of your Café page):

  • This Text Box is very important. Please drag in up above your “Profile”. In fact everything on the center section of your page should be dragged up above your “Profile Box” (profile box is private to you and the Café management, the public doesn’t see it).
  • Name your “Text Box”. Some authors name it Author Bio, Meet Author (and your name), or some other catchy phrase.
  • Next add your bio (maybe the one you have on your Amazon Author’s Page). Be sure to add important links, i.e. websites, blogs, Facebook, twitter, google+, etc.
  • We do not recommend that you post your email, address or phone number for privacy and security.

Profile Box: Please Click and Drag Your Profile Information Box To The Bottom Of Your Café Page:

  • This box is private to you and Cold Coffee Press/Café Management.
  • The public doesn't see this box.
  • Please make sure to drag this “Profile Box” to the bottom of your page.

RSS Feed:

  • Bring your favorite blog right into your page with the RSS feed. If you want to use your RSS blog feed as your main blog, you can drag the RSS Feed Box over to the Center Column or leave it on the left hand side of your page.

Comment Boxes:

  • Please set your Comment Box on your page to request you read before they post. It is common on some websites for other authors to spam your page with comments, this is not allowed on the Café. It is very important not to allow other authors and people to flood your page with comments. This detracts from your book promotion and confuses your readers. The purpose of promotions is to get your readers to visit your page, read your information and purchase your books. So be careful!
  • Cold Coffee Café Management can post comments on your page.
  • You are allowed to comment on a Blog Post.

Like Buttons: (left hand side of your page):

  • The “Link Button” is new the Café. You can “Like” photos, videos and blog posts as you move around on the Café and other authors can “Like” your promotional items as well.

Facebook, Share, Tweet and Google+ Buttons:

  • We recommend that your use these buttons (on the left hand side of your page), when you have your Author’s Promotional Page ready to share with others.

Special Note:

  • The FREE Café is our gift to you. We pay for your page and your storage space, so please promote your books.
  • Those authors who do not use their Café for book promotion will be suspended from the Café.

If You Have A Service To Share With Our Authors:


Need Help:

  • Please email us at any time if you are having difficulty with anything on your page.
  • Please send us an email describing your issue and provide us with your Café Password so we can go in a fix the issue.
  • Email Theodocia (owner): promotionalservices@coldcoffeepress.com


Let’s Work Together To Make This Café The Best Place For Authors and Avid Readers.

Support Each Other With Book Purchases.

Invite Your Author Friends To The Cafe.


Get Readers Hooked On Your Book(s)

Join Cold Coffee Press (different website from the Café) and we will feature you and your book (s) on our 9 Promotional Websites. You will receive an aggressive, professional, diversified, promotional book campaign that includes 50+ promotional placements with a detailed report (with live links) once the work is complete.

Why is membership at Cold Coffee Press so valuable? Book reviews are great, but you need to get your book in front of readers and that is what we do best.

We Take The Work Out Of Book Promotion So You Will Have More Time To Write!

Let’s Support Each Other With Book Purchases.

Check Out Some Testimonials From Our Cold Coffee Cafe Authors, Cold Coffee Press Authors and Associates. Click Here To Read.

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Cafe Management


Volunteer Administer For The Cafe Is Dutch Rhudy

Dutch Greets All Authors As They Join and Handles The Cafe
When Owner Is Called Out Of Town

Dutch Can Be Reached Through His Cafe Page 

A Secret In Ash Brooke by Dutch Rhudy

Cold Coffee Press


Need Help, Ask The Owner!

Cold Coffee Cafe and Cold Coffee Press Owner Theodocia Mclean 
Email: promotionalservices@coldcoffeepress.com

Household Property Inventory Workbook
by Theodocia McLean


Get To Know The Owner Of The Cafe and Cold Coffee Press


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Comment by George Wilder Jr. on March 12, 2017 at 3:47pm

Thank you. 

Comment by Dawn Marie Paone DiMartino on December 16, 2016 at 8:03am

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your site. I really do appreciate what you are doing for the author community. Have a blessed day!

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